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Hunza Organics, an organic certified Company established in 2000, with the mission to provide the quality organic foodstuff to our valued customers. We have experience of 24 years in the business of conventional foodstuff, dry fruits, nuts and herbs in local as well as in international market. We enter in the business of organic food with the aim to increase the awareness about organic food. Our focus is to explore new horizon in international market to promote organic food ingredients for industrial and consumer use. It is our social and ethical responsibility to promote pollution free environments for the present generation and the generation to come.
Hunza Organics is also promoting the most remote Northern Areas of Pakistan such as Skardu, Baltistan , Kharmang, Gilgit, and Hunza by taking the valuable products of these areas in international market. We have pride to introduce the Seaabuckthorn, Apricot, Apricot kernel to the EU and UK.


Our Mission is to deliver the best Organic food products to our valued customer, processed under strict quality control with natural ingredients, using the latest techniques. We believe on social values and understand the people's needs.


The mission of the Hunza Organics defines its boundaries, with in which we looks for the future needs of food, globally. The mission and vision of the organization is well refined and assigned to all the employees.
Our organization according to its mission is providing the quality Organic food stuff to its customers in many countries. Top management of the organization keeps every factor in view, global changes and challenges, new developments in the fields of agricultural business and new growing technologies, Research and Development by keeping in touch with other processors around the region. We select highly qualified food experts for keen observation of organic food processing and our growing areas are the most beautiful northern part of the country and the land of five rivers Punjab.


We look in to the future, keeping in view of present prospective of the organization. We address the issues “where we are" and “ where do we go from now”. Hunza Organics considers the needs of the customer. Our organization also concentrates on the segments for best possible penetration. Management make: effective business strategies for the future course of the organization. These ( strategies are comprised of knowing the target customers, and how to occupy the market position keeping in view the rapidly changing environments and social values.